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Manifattura milanese_The cabinet


Manifattura Milanese has been founded in order to recreate in contemporary manner the fascinating world of these extraordinary pieces of furniture. Our Cabinets are realized in the continuity of the artistic virtuosity of the Lombard craftsmen, reflected in their care and search for quality and excellence. The production of these pieces of furniture, nowadays more or less extinct, is proposed again by our firm according to the concepts of a centuries old tradition. The choice of fine materials, the careful finishing, and the possibility of obtaining a unique piece are inspired by the label of excellence which Milan has always stood for the true lovers of style and luxury.

​The elements of the case are in various fine wood essences and lacquers. The woods are precious ones from ebony to rare fossilized essences preserved in the earth for thousands of years. The polyester lacquers are spread in several coats and polished by hand. Metals are pure stainless steel or with sophisticated galvanic silver plating polished, burnished or brushed, as well as in gold. The image is a genuine work of art from Luigi Gattinara to choose from various subjects proposed in the following pages. Each model comes with a specific certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.

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